Austin Police Officer Saves Lives Even When Not on Duty

Dallas Texas DGU

Just because a police officer is out of his official uniform and outside of his jurisdiction doesn’t mean that the mindset and training of a law enforcement officer just get tossed out the window. They will still remember the tools taught to them in training and will also have their beating heart scream at them to stop injustices in the world. That’s exactly what happened last Thursday night in Marble Falls.

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Retired Marine Stops Robbery Attempt in Harris County

El Paso Texas DGU

There are two groups in the world that are not seen as particularly smart decision makers as a whole: teenagers and criminals. So when the two are combined, you can imagine that the decisions they make may be pretty bad. Like the decision to attempt to rob a retired Marine. Yeah. Pretty bad. The incident…

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Selma Carjacker Shot by Concealed Carrying Victim

Selma Carjacker DGU

There are plenty of things you shouldn’t do in Texas, forget the Alamo, not like BBQ, wear layers in the summer, but maybe the most important thing you should avoid doing in the Lone Star State is stealing another person’s belongings, because there is a very good chance that that person has a firearm and knows how to use it.

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