Shame On Me: San Antonio Robber Shot at by Two Concealed Carriers Within a Few Weeks

San Antonio Defensive Gun Use

65-year-old Stephen Manion and 32-year-old Carlos Molina do not have a lot in common. The two have never met and live in different areas of San Antonio, but they do share one very strange similarity. Both men have had run-ins with the same criminal and both men were lucky enough to be carrying concealed during their run-ins.

The first incident occurred on November 21st when Stephen Manion was shopping at a Dollar General store on W.W. White Road. As he was going about his normal visit, things made a shocking turn as 19-year-old Andres Herrera entered the store wearing sunglasses and armed with a firearm and demanded the register from the employee.

According to Manion, he hid behind a store shelf when he saw the man threaten the employee and began clutching his firearm. Things at the front then started to get a bit hairier and Manion realized that he may have to step in if he were to save the clerk’s life.

“He was getting hysterical and screaming, `You’re taking too long.’ I was sure she was about to get shot,”

That was Manion’s reasoning for sneaking behind Herrera, pointing his gun at him and firing. The shot missed wide, but just the shock and fear that the shot pushed through Herrera caused him to drop the tough-guy robber act and bolt out the door.

Cut to last Wednesday, December 6th. Carlos Molina was sitting in a Popeye’s enjoying his food when once again, the same 19-year-old Andres Herrera entered the store and began pointing his gun at the employees and customers inside.

Thankfully Carlos was there and was armed with a firearm of his own. Reports are limited at this point because Molina has declined interviews regarding the incident, but it is known that as Herrera began pointing his gun at the innocents within the store Molina fired at Herrera striking and killing him.

This just goes to show that criminals are going to keep trying to do their crime no matter what and the logical solution is to make sure that it does not happen to you. If enough people have this mindset and start carrying every day there will be no safe quarter for thieves in this country any longer.

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