Houston Mother and Children Team Up to Take Down Abusive Father

Houston DGU

A Houston man is no longer a threat to his former family following a violent attempt at abusing his wife in front of his children. Thankfully for the victim, not only was she ready and willing to take action, but her young children were as well.

This incident occurred in an apartment complex at the 12000 block of North Gessner in Houston, TX. It started just after 5:00 PM on Friday evening when a man named Derek Martin broke into his wife’s apartment, violating a protection order that she had filed against Martin.

Once inside the apartment, Martin began immediately attacking his wife in front of the pair’s 4 children, ages 8, 5, 2, and 1. Martin began choking his wife while the 8-year-old daughter attempted to get Derek off of her mother by repeatedly punching her attacking father. Unfortunately, she was unable to break them up.

Luckily for Martin’s wife, whose name is not yet being released for her safety, their 5-year-old child knew what to do in a situation like this. He grabbed his mother’s gun and ran it to her. Upon receiving the gun from her child, and through the still occurring attack, she managed to fire a shot at Martin, hitting him in the arm with a round.

At that point, the police were soon to arrive and along with medical authorities took Martin to a local hospital where he was later released. He wasn’t out and about for long, though, as this incident saw him charged with a felony count of assault as well as a felony count of violating a protective order.

As for the mother, she was taken to the hospital for her injuries but was later released. Luckily none of her children were harmed in the attack.

So what do you think of this incident? Do you believe the situation would have ended differently (worse) if there was no gun used? Let us know your thoughts on the story in the comments below.

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  1. John DeOtte on July 8, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    Instead of depending on a 5 year old to deliver a weapon why didn’t she have it on her person? Seem really dangerous for the 5 year old, other children, and mom.

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