Limestone County Woman Defends Daughter From Home Invader

Limestone County Texas Defensive Gun Use

It’s one of a parent’s worst nightmares to feel like your children’s lives are being threatened, but that was a reality that Laura Williams, a Limestone County resident was faced with. Luckily for her and her child, however, she was armed for the showdown.

This incident took place last Tuesday and saw homeowner Laura Williams, at the time at home with her sleeping 17-year-old daughter, have her night interrupted by 47-year-old Allen Tompkins.

According to reports from Laura herself, Allen Tompkins rang the doorbell and Laura went to go answer it. She opened the door slightly and saw him standing there with a shovel. Tompkins then asked if an unknown woman lived at the address. When Laura said she didn’t know anyone there by that name Tompkins left, and Laura thought that would be the end of it.

But upon checking to see if Tompkins was gone, she saw the man standing at the edge of the woods, still with the shovel in hand and still looking back at their home.

At this point, Laura Williams decided to take action. She woke up her daughter and moved her to a back room of the house where the family’s dogs were located and told her to wait in there.

At this point, Laura began to hear the front door being kicked in. Tompkins was back, but Laura Williams picked her room of retreat very carefully, as this was the room of the house where their firearms were kept.

Laura grabbed one of the handguns that were in her home and after Tompkins had entered the home, she pointed it at him and demanded that he leave.

Tompkins again left the home without incident, but once again he waited at the border of the woods. However, he was only there for a short while before police came to pick him up and take him to Limestone County Jail.

Tompkins was charged with burglary of a habitation, but additional charges are possible.

As for the two women in the home, they were not injured through the ordeal but according to local news interviews with the family, they are having a very hard time with what happened. Losing sleep and constantly being worried.

But thanks to this smart thinking mother she was ready to defend her home against this strange invader.


  1. Bill on August 22, 2018 at 5:19 am

    Should have shot him…

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