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Oak Cliff Homeowner Shoots at Man Burglarizing His Car

Oak Cliff Texas DGU

The Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff was the scene of a shooting early last Friday morning which saw an attempted car burglar get shot by an armed citizen attempting to save himself and his property from the criminal.

This incident occurred in the twilight hours of last Friday morning when an Oak Cliff homeowner was awakened to the sounds of someone attempting to break into the house next door to him. The house in question was also owned by this homeowner and was currently housing a relative of his.

The owner of both homes then saw someone attempting to kick in the front door of the neighboring house. This caused the homeowner to grab his personal firearm and go out to investigate what was going on.

Upon going out to confront the criminal, the homeowner saw that the man was no longer attempting to break into the home next to his, but instead was attempting to burglarize the homeowner’s car.

It was at this point that the homeowner and burglar met face-to-face and according to police reports the burglary suspect left the car behind and began to approach the armed citizen.

Upon the approach, the homeowner took out his firearm and shot the thief, striking him true. This caused the criminal to run from the scene and into the nearby woods.

Police then were called to the scene and after a short search found the suspect. He was deceased by the time the police had found him.

As for the homeowner, since he was firing at someone who had broken into his car, the police had some questions about the validity of his life being in danger during the shooting, but after learning of the suspect approaching him, the defensive shooter was allowed to go about his now, no doubt, changed life.

What do you think of this story? Do you believe you would be able to handle a firefight around a car? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 Responses to Oak Cliff Homeowner Shoots at Man Burglarizing His Car

  1. Tim Smith April 1, 2018 at 12:47 pm #

    Breaking into the home is one thing. You are defending your homestead and loved ones.

    Breaking into a car is another.

    There is nothing in the car worth the greif of shooting, much less killing someone. Let them have it! It’s just “things”.

    This poor citizen will be paying legal bills for the rest of his life!

  2. Hooton April 2, 2018 at 3:50 pm #

    Shoot them. Dont mess with peoples belongings. If you do you should be able to protect what is yours.

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