Mother Shoots 5-Year-Old Son Instead of Dog

dog shooting

A woman in Houston, Texas, stood in a Harris County courtroom to face a felony charge of Deadly Conduct – Discharging a Firearm Recklessly. Reports stated the child suffered non-life-threatening injuries from the incident and expected to recover. It is essential to ask if there is anything we can learn from this incident. And there…

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Excitement, 2021 NRA Annual Meeting Dates Announced

nra annual meeting

The National Rifle Association (NRA) was established back in 1871. Each year the NRA has held annual meetings. The COVID pandemic forced NRA to cancel its 149th annual meeting last year. However, this year the 150th annual meeting is back. The dates for this year’s annual meetings have been announced as September 3rd through September…

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Rap Video Helps Police Identify Gang Members

An ill-advised rap video made around March of this year by a Huston Texas gang has led to the arrests 11 members, with a further 9 still wanted for warrants. Police were originally called to Lakewood Park for reports of men brandishing guns. When they arrived, most of the extras of the music video fled…

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What Does the Texas Tech Shooting Mean for Campus Carry?

Texas Tech Campus Carry

Many of you have likely heard of the October 9th shooting at Texas Tech, which left one police officer dead and an entire student body shocked and disgusted. What you might not have heard yet, is that some folks are trying to blame this shooting on Texas’ Campus Carry law, well let’s just see if these critiques of the law even tread water.

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Selma Carjacker Shot by Concealed Carrying Victim

Selma Carjacker DGU

There are plenty of things you shouldn’t do in Texas, forget the Alamo, not like BBQ, wear layers in the summer, but maybe the most important thing you should avoid doing in the Lone Star State is stealing another person’s belongings, because there is a very good chance that that person has a firearm and knows how to use it.

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Note to Humanity, Don’t Threaten to Kill a Concealed Carrier

Katy Defensive Gun Use

On the morning of September 11, the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Lawn was shocked to have their morning routine interrupted by the sounds of gunshots and sirens after a shooting occurred at the 3300 block of Oak Lawn Avenue. The reason behind this shooting? A concealed carrier was in the process of saving his life.

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Sexual Assault Stopped on Austin Running Path by Armed Citizen

Austin Jogging Shooting

Many of you who have seen Law & Order know that one of the most dangerous places you could be on the show is a running path when you are on your morning jog. Unfortunately, reality nearly mirrored the fictional world portrayed on the show if it weren’t for the big heart and quick thinking mind of an armed citizen.

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