Rap Video Helps Police Identify Gang Members

An ill-advised rap video made around March of this year by a Huston Texas gang has led to the arrests 11 members, with a further 9 still wanted for warrants.

Police were originally called to Lakewood Park for reports of men brandishing guns. When they arrived, most of the extras of the music video fled leaving some of the guns behind as they did.

The dozens of loaded guns, some stolen, where being used as props for the music video.

According to KSAT 12, children from a nearby elementary school, which had released for the day, were also featured near the end of the video.

Language Warning: Not Suitable for all audiences.

Warren Brown, the subject of the music video who goes by the name “NFL Cartell Bo,” was arrested for threatening a police officer, and for being in possession of two assault rifles illegally, since he is already a convicted felon.

He was later released with ankle monitor, which he cut off and has yet to be re-captured.

Two months after filming, the rap video was released to YouTube where it was watched by Huston PD.The police department used the video to identify those who had run during the initial contact in Lakewood park.

Those still wanted in connection with illegal possession of firearms are:

Warren Brown

Devonte Haynes

Marces Randolph

Ivory Brown

Frenton Price

Allen Prudhomme

Jyran Stearns

Tyrie Dickerson

Davonte Austin

Those who were captured are:

Kenneth Fontenot

Kershun Woolridge

Dwight Rain

Keithric Lewis

Josh Amos

Jerrell Grant

Roland Labome

Gerrett Winn

Trevion Young

Tangelo Harris

Laderious Bates

What do you think of this poor decision to release evidence for the police to find on YouTube? Make sure you keep your guns locked up, so they don’t end up in a rap video.

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