Constitutional Carry Bill Passes Texas Senate in 18-13 Vote

constitutional carry

Is constitutional Carry is coming to Texas? With the recent 18-13 vote in the senate, Texans are closer than ever to carry a concealed handgun legally without asking for permission. Texans are closer than ever to carry a concealed handgun without asking for permission. This type of law is known as constitutional carry or permitless…

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LTC: Stopped by Police in Texas with a Legally Concealed Gun

Interaction between police and License To Carry (LTC) holders can be a tense situation for both parties involved. Police officers are understandably wary of armed individuals. But we upstanding citizens can help relieve some of that tension by understanding the laws behind a lawful stop by a Texas peace officer. GC §411.205. Requirement to Display…

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Texas: 10 Pro-Gun Laws Signed By Gov. Abbott

  Big wins for gun owners in Texas after Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a number of pro-gun legislation. While the NRA is celebrating the wins, others are disappointed. Below are a list of the laws that were signed and go into effect on Sep. 1 of this year. House Bill 1177: Allows Texans…

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Austin City Hall Fined for Restricting 2nd Amendment Rights

Ovilla Burglary Case

A Travis County District Court judge agreed with the lawsuit filed against Austin City Hall contending that officials were in breach of laws protecting 2nd Amendment rights. Paxton’s office was notified of the issue by Michael Cargill, a Texas state Concealed Handgun License instructor and owner of a local gun store. In 2015, Cargill had…

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Rap Video Helps Police Identify Gang Members

An ill-advised rap video made around March of this year by a Huston Texas gang has led to the arrests 11 members, with a further 9 still wanted for warrants. Police were originally called to Lakewood Park for reports of men brandishing guns. When they arrived, most of the extras of the music video fled…

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President Obama’s Visit to Texas Marked by Protest From Armed Open-carry Advocates

This year things were a little different than in past years, because of the passage of Texas House Bill 910, which became effect January 1st of 2016, making the open carry of handguns, not just rifles, legal to Texas conceal carry permit holders. More notably though, president Obama was a keynote speaker at the festival, and he spoke to festival goers on Friday March 11th.

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