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Bexar County Carrier Helps Police Take Down Carjacker

Armed Homeowner Helps Police

The North Side of Bexar County played host to a little bit of Texas style citizen justice on the 12th of August when an armed homeowner assisted in the capture of a man police say was attempting to make off with a stolen vehicle at around 10:00 in the morning at the 7800 block of E. Evans Road.

The call to police regarding a stolen vehicle had come from a man reporting the car stolen after he had offered the suspect of the theft, 20-year-old Chad Courtney a ride. However, the good samaritan was only met with disgusting hostility from Courtney, as instead of getting a ride, Courtney threw the owner out of his car and proceeded to drive off with it nearly running over the victim’s leg according to some accounts.

However, Courtney’s attempts to make off with the car did not get too far. Bexar County Police came upon a scene at a local apartment complex roughly an hour later in which a homeowner had Courtney detained with his firearm pointed at him.

The man said that he had seen Courtney running around in the backyard when the man thought it was suspicious and proceeded to stop Courtney.

The police on the scene then arrested Courtney for felony theft of the car. The police were also quite thankful for the assist by the homeowner who saved the police a major headache with his license to carry.

What do you think of this story? Would you consider yourself prepared if you were in the shoes of the man whose car was stolen?  What about if the carjacker ran through your property? Would you be able to survive an ordeal like that and/or assist the police if the situation called for it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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