University of Houston Administration Panics Over Campus Carry

University of Houston Campus Carry

The world of academics has surprised me once again. Despite no incidents of students attacking fellow students with their concealed guns; or students attacking professors during office hours in any of the states that have allowed campus carry for decades; the University of Houston still believes its a serious risk.

Recently in a faculty training the administration warned faculty to:

  • Be careful discussing sensitive topics
  • Drop certain topics from your curriculum
  • Not “go there” if you sense anger
  • Limit student access off hours
  • Go to appointment-only office hours
  • Only meet “that student” in controlled circumstances

Yes, Texas is new this fall to the whole concealed carry on campus idea but its clear that for a group of people who pride themselves on logic based thinking and research have absolutely no idea what they can actually expect from guns on campus in the hands of responsible and law abiding students.

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