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Who Makes Up Your Survivalist Team?

Prepping or being a survivalist isn’t something you can fully achieve on your own. While you are ultimately responsible for what you do and how prepared you are you still need to approach survival and preparedness as something you do with a team of people that support your efforts forward. Today’s article is meant to […]

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The Prepper and Survivalist Survey

We love doing survey and then posting the results in a later article on our site. The results give everyone an idea of how you are doing relative to your fellow survivalists. Today’s survey is focused on Prepping and covers five key things: Water Food Shelter Security Other –>>Take the Survey Now Please take a […]

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Benefits of Survival Dogs

In survival situations we often have to be concerned about how much we can fit into the car or the backpack when we bug out. Dogs do take up space in the car and their food can take up space in the backpack but do their benefits out weigh their drawbacks? Here are some of […]

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A Happy and Safe Halloween 2015

Every October 31, children all over go door to door, trick-or-treating. It is very important to take safety precautions and prepare before allowing your children to go out. Before your children go trick or treating, please ensure the following things: All children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult or someone […]

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Number One Top Selling Water Filtration Device

There’s something different about the #1, top selling water filtration device. You may have already seen this but have you tried it? Called the LifeStraw, it won Time magazine’s “Innovation of the Year” award. I think you’ll want it, check it out Check it out here. No other filter can say it’s won as many awards […]

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Free eBook and Weekly Survival Articles

Readers, as you know our site is focused on firearm training and education. Our content focuses on everything related to guns. That said, since we are also passionate about survival generally speaking, back in 2007 we started a weekly eNewsletter featuring safety and survival tips. Over the years thousands of different people have been receiving our […]

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