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Houston Texas Guardian Essentials – Pistol – on November 9th 2019


This Guardian Essentials – Pistol course is the first in a series of 3 defensive pistol courses. In this 1-day course, it starts out fairly basic, but it advances quickly throughout the day. Participants will need to be prepared to come ready to learn and focus as it will require focused effort at all times to successfully accomplish the course objectives.

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Guardian Essentials – Pistol (Level 1)
WHEN: Saturday November 9th, 2019 – 8:30am to 5:00pm
WHERE: Our Class Location located off of Jones Road in Houston Texas.


In this 1-day course, it starts out fairly basic, but it advances quickly throughout the day. Participants will need to be prepared to come ready to learn and focus as it will require focused effort at all times to successfully accomplish the course objectives. Newer shooters with solid fundamentals that work hard will have no problem getting through the course. Experienced shooters will also benefit from the methodical approach to fundamentals in the beginning but will also be really challenged later in the day.

Graduates Will Receive:

  • A hand-signed certificate of course completion
  • A custom Patch specific to the course that only those who have attended and completed the Guardian Essentials – Pistol course have the privilege of wearing and displaying
  • A numbered Challenge Coin that can be added to your own personal collection of Challenge Coins received for completion and distinction attained in and Guardian Nation courses

Besides these awesome gifts and extras, our goal is to provide as complete and turnkey of an experience as possible, so we will also be including all of the following in this upcoming Guardian Essentials – Pistol course:

  • Sunscreen
  • Access to club-house
  • World-class instruction from qualified and experienced instructors
  • Eye and Ear Protection, if necessary

Approximately 400 rounds will be fired in this single day course. (ammo not included)

Class curriculum will cover the following:

  • Fundamentals Overview
  • Ready Positions
  • Concepts of Aiming
  • Target Presentation
  • Shooting with Speed AND Accuracy
  • Positional Shooting (Standing, Croutched, and Kneeling)
  • Working With Cover
  • Drawing From a Concealed Holster
  • Performing Reloads
  • Type 1 and Type 2 Malfunction Clearing
  • Shooting and Moving
  • Multiple Targets
  • Decision-making Under Stress
  • Final Exercises that will test your skills and abilities learned throughout the day

More About the Instructor

Eric Ward is a Certified Firearms Instructor  and Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer with over a decade of experience teaching programs and training groups. Eric holds a Black belt in Krav Maga and is an accredited firearms instructor certified with both the Texas Department of Public Safety & The National Rifle Association. Sign up and take a class with him today!

Ready to Enroll in The Class?

Not Just Yet… Please Read Some Important Information About What Students Will Need to Bring to The Class…

Students will have to meet these prerequisites and bring the following:

Have previously attended a basic handgun safety course, CCW course, NRA Basic Pistol course or a similar, or can demonstrate a substantial familiarity with firearms (this is NOT a course to learn how to operate a firearm — you should already be familiar with your firearm, holster, sights, loading your firearm, etc.)

Watch several preparatory videos in advance of the course date (videos provided after signing up for the course and total less than 30 minutes of total material)

Be physically capable of walking, running, kneeling, standing, sitting, etc. If you have physical limitations, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please let us know ahead of time if you require special accommodations.

A handgun that is appropriate for CCW and defensive shooting
* Micro compact guns are not preferred as your primary firearms—Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard and similar. You may have opportunities to try your micro pistols at an appropriate time, but you will struggle throughout the day if your primary pistol is one of these types.
* Double-stack mid-sized or full-sized semi-autos are preferred—Glock 19 or similar—but not absolutely necessary. Slightly smaller carry pistols (Glock 43, S&W Shield, Ruger LC9, etc.) have been used successfully in this course, but they are more difficult to shoot than their slightly larger counterparts.
* We want you to use what you will actually carry or defend your home with. But with smaller guns, they will be more difficult to shoot quickly and accurately, and you will be required to reload more often.

A MINIMUM of 3 magazines for double-stack guns, and a MINIMUM of 5 magazines for single-stack guns.

An appropriate holster—a concealment holster is preferred, but not necessary. OWB holsters are acceptable as well. The following holsters are not allowed for primary use: ankle, thigh, bra, crossdraw. This is for the safety of other students on the firing line. If one of these styles of holsters is your primary daily carry holster, please let us know, and we will give you an opportunity to train with these at an appropriate time during the course.

Appropriate clothing for the shooting and weather conditions: Pants, No low-collared or V-neck shirts, Hat with a forward-facing brim, Good shoes or boots, Kneepads if you want or have knee problems as there will be some kneeling and shooting, Coat/Jacket depending on weather, shooting gloves if desired. We will generally still hold this class regardless of the weather, so come prepared to be hot, cold, wet, or frozen.


Don’t worry, this class is designed for someone who already took a basic CCW Class and is ready for the next step. You don’t need to be an expert shooter… and in fact if you have prior tactical shooting training this may not be for you. You will be standing next to other gun owners who are ready to learn and excited to take the next step forward on the Armed Citizen Journey to being a Guardian!


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Event Details

Start date: November 09, 2019

End date: November 09, 2019

Start time: 08:30 a.m.

End time: 17:30 p.m.

Venue: 12337 JONES RD #224, HOUSTON, TEXAS 77070

Phone: 225-337-5357

Email: [email protected]