Disabled Vet Turns Tables on Attacker in Houston TX METRO Station

Houston METRO station at Main and Pierce St. Photo from ABC 13

A Monday evening, strong-armed robbery in a Texas METRO station didn’t go exactly as the criminal planned. The victim, a disabled United States Military Veteran, turned the tables on the dirt bag when he used a firearm he carries for self-defense.

Man Turns Tables on Attacker in Houston METRO Station—

According to Houston Police, at around 8:45 PM on Monday, the victim was inside the METRO downtown transit station on Main and Pierce Street. The victim, who is a wheelchair bound military veteran, was at the station waiting for a ride back home. The victim told the police that while waiting, an unknown male ran up to him, and tried to take a bag from him.

The victim drew a firearm and shot several times, striking the suspect. After being shot, the suspect ran away from the victim, where he collapsed on the ground. Paramedics found the suspect and transported him to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The victim was uninjured. Houston ABC News 13 covered this story and I’ve included the news report below.

There are a couple of things to note from this story.

Takeaway #1:

First, remember criminals in general, don’t think like you, or I do. Most of you probably couldn’t think of taking advantage of someone, let alone targeting them because of their disability. Criminals see the old, weak and vulnerable as ripe for the picking. I’m not saying someone in a wheelchair can’t look out for themselves, but criminals choose what appears as the easiest target. Clearly, this man was aware and had the means to protect himself. My point is to consider being kind to people whenever possible, and looking out for those who can’t look out for themselves.

Victim talks to police after using his firearm to defend himself: Photo from ABC 13

Takeaway #2:

Next, the firearm is a great equalizer. The victim had to fight from a position of disadvantage, but getting shot adjusted the attacker’s motivations. And while the gun is a fantastic tool, it doesn’t operate independently of the owner. What I mean is that if you carry a gun, you need to know how to use it, lest it become a liability.

Takeaway #3:

Finally, if you have limitations, you don’t need to forgo carrying a handgun for self defense. In fact, it may be even more important that you learn how to use a firearm for self defense. For example, if you use a cane, or wheelchair to get around, you can still find ways to deploy a gun in self defense. Or even use something like your cane as another self defense tool.

Houston Texas METRO crime scene-Photo from ABC 13

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