JM4 Tactical Releases Line of Locally Roasted Coffee

JM4 Tactical, the Texas-based handgun holster company, just announced they are breaking into the caffeine industry with a locally roasted line of coffee.

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According to the website E-Imports, “Coffee Statistics 2022,” The United States ranks 8th worldwide in coffee consumption. The website claims that over 50% or 150 million American’s 18 years old and over drink coffee daily.

Guns and Coffee —

My anecdotal evidence leads me to believe that many of these coffee drinkers are also freedom-loving gun-owners. So I wasn’t shocked at all when Chad, the owner of JM4 Tactical, told me he was launching a line of coffee. Knowing that I am an admitted bean juice addict, he sent me a package to try out.

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I’ve been writing a lot about radically insane gun-control initiatives from across the country, mainly Communist California. So I figured my brain and the readers could appreciate a quick change of gears to something a little less frustrating.

JM4 Tactical Coffee —

JM4 Tactical manufactures their holsters in Texas, even though they could save some money from sourcing them overseas. Chad told me that the beans come from South America, but it’s all roasted locally in Texas.

The following four flavors are currently available for sale.

  • Lonestar Breakfast Blend
  • Texas Dark Chocolate
  • Texas Pecan Pie
  • Vanilla Flavor

I prefer coffee without any sugar, cream, or other added flavoring. However, I thought I would try JM4’s Texas Pecan Pie blend.

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m4_tactical Enjoying a cup of our new coffee with #chadprather

The coffee comes in a 12 oz bag and is pre-ground. The grind is pretty fine, so you get a strong flavor even in the quick-brew Keurig-style coffee makers.

ground coffee from jm4 tactical

How does is taste —

Although I am not typically a fan of flavored coffee, I enjoy the Texas Pecan Pie blend. There is a definite sweetness that will appeal to folks who add sugar to their coffee. My wife, who drinks coffee, as long as it consists of 98% ice cream, asked to try a sip after catching the fantastic aroma. She actually liked it and, if it weren’t 6:30 PM, might have asked for a mug of her own.

So there ya have it. If you’re like different types of coffee and want to support a Texas-based, Veteran-owned company, consider checking out JM4’s line of new coffee flavors. You can learn more about each bend by clicking here.

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