JM4 Dimensions Brings State Of The Art Training Facility To Lubbock

Lubbock, TX — A new state of the art training facility in West Texas, which is an underserved area for firearms training, has just opened up to help fill the need for the current training demand.

JM4 Dimensions, the people who brought the JM4 Tactical Holster to the market, have recently announced the opening of their second training location to “change the way you train” with their simulation facility, that puts you in actual self-defense scenarios.

The first location in Abilene was successful and ended up seeing people traveling from Lubbock, giving owners Chad and Shawndalyn the idea to open up a location in the other city.

Both locations offer up a plethora of different training classes ranging from beginner to more advanced, as well as classes for kids and even first aid.

Here is a listing of the current training courses offered, with more being added regularly —

License to Carry (LTC) Class
This is the required course needed to apply for your Texas License to Carry through the state.

Beginner’s Firearms Training
This one is designed for the beginner shooter who would like to learn how to safely and properly load, handle, and fire a handgun and is great for people new to guns.

Home Defense & Concealed Carry
This is a training course that will help increase your situational awareness and better equip you to protect your family and home.

Kid’s Firearm Safety Class
This course is designed for youth, grades 2nd – 12th, and helps to educate them on using extreme caution and safety around firearms, and helps to remove curiosity.

Emergency First Aid & Gunshot Wound
Learn how to respond to life-threatening medical situations. (And, learn more about medical gear, here.)

D.R.A.W. Academy
This advanced training class is approximately 21 hours of training that is split up between online, and 2 Saturdays.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals is a Rob Pincus course taught by DSF certified instructors.

For more information on JM4 Dimensions and their services, make sure you check out their website for more information.

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  1. stevie arguello on April 12, 2021 at 6:46 am

    My wife and I would really love to learn the basics of protecting ourselves and our home. Please help us. I saw your commercial and really need to prepare ourselves.

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