Man Held at Gunpoint After Robbing Disabled Woman


Wichita Falls, Texas — A man is in jail after he robbed a disabled volunteer who was collecting money for a charity at a Love’s travel stop.

According to Wichita Falls Police Department (WFPD), officers were dispatched to the gas station located on the 1100 block of Central Freeway to a report of an attempted robbery.

When officers arrived, they discovered an armed man holding another man at gunpoint until law enforcement could take over.

WFPD says they came into contact with the volunteer worker who told officers she had been collecting donations for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, when she was approached by 26-year-old Angel Solorzano.

Solorzano began talking to the victim, who was in a wheelchair, and due to the limited mobility of her arms, had the donation bucket on her lap.

He asked the victim if she knew how he might get help buying a ticket to Ft. Worth, then suddenly he snatched the donation bucket and ran out of the store with it.

A bystander, who witnessed the theft, began to chase Solorzano around the store until the suspect ran out onto the nearby access road. The witness told Solorzano to give the money back but Solorzano threw a backpack at his pursuer instead and punched him in the face, then pulled a knife. He told the other man to “back up” then continued running.

As he ran down the road, Solorzano was headed off by two more witnesses, one of them was armed and drew down on the suspect, holding him at gunpoint until police arrived.

In a statement about the robbery, WFPD said,

“Solorzano was found to be in possession of approximately $60 in loose, crumpled bills.”

Getting involved in a violent crime is of course a risky endeavor. While we hope to come out on top in a fight, the risk is still there and should be considered before acting because it could end badly for you like it did for this Chicago hero.

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