Woman Kills Man Who Attacked Her with Bat

Hockley, Texas — Harris County Sheriff, Ed Gonzalez, reported his office dispatched deputies to the Showboat Drive-In movie theater located on FM 2920 at around 2:30 a.m. Monday morning for a report of a shooting.

When deputies arrived, they encountered the manager of the drive-in and one of her employees. The woman told the deputies she and her employee were closing up and cleaning the theater, when they heard odd noises coming from beneath them in the concessions stand.

When they went to investigate the rustling sounds from below, the two women discovered a white male hiding in a closet.

“They ordered the male out, the male did comply, and it appeared that he was possibly armed with a knife,” Sheriff Gonzalez said. “At that point, they began giving him verbal commands, and the male exited the location and took off without incident.”

Gonzalez went on to say that there may have been a car waiting for the burglar outside the theater which helped the him escape, and his whereabouts are still unknown.

But the danger the two women faced wasn’t over.

A 2nd intruder the two victims were unaware of, slid out of hiding from another closet. The 2nd man, wearing a mask, gloves, and armed with a baseball bat, began to beat the manager.

That’s when, Sheriff Gonzalez says, the manager drew her gun and fired:

“She did retrieve a weapon that she had on her person and fired, striking the male. The male has been confirmed deceased at the scene.”

The Sheriff went on to say that this appears to be a case of self-defense when the manager defended herself and her employee against two armed men:

“These folks are just trying to run a business out here. You know, it brings nostalgia for me. I remember coming to drive-in theater similar to this when I was growing up, but they’re far and few between,” Gonzalez said. “It’s pretty isolated out here. They did what they needed to do to protect themselves.”

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