Son Protects Family from Armed Invaders

Late Tuesday night proved terrifying after a family was threatened by three armed and masked men.

According to Huston Police Department (HPD), the three men hid in the bushes outside the Huston home, where they ambushed a 39-year-old father as he returned home.

The masked men pistol whipped the father and forced him to unlock the front door. His two daughters, ages 15 and 20, were in the home at the time and hid in a closet, pushing the security system panic button when they heard the men enter with their father at gun point.

The suspects then tried to force the father to turn off the security system but every time he did, his daughters pushed the panic button again.

Perhaps figuring out what was happening, the men began searching the home. The young women were then quickly found by the masked intruders.

Meanwhile, the victim’s 20-year-old son arrived at the same time as his wife in a separate vehicles. The mother, who had a child in the car with her, remained outside the home while her son went to investigate.

Upon seeing signs of a struggle from outside the home, he hurried inside where he grabbed a pistol and rushed his family’s attackers, firing as he did.

The men fled the home out the front door, two jumping on to the hood of the mother’s car, who threw it into reverse and sped away from the scene until she located a police officer at a Whataburger nearby.

One suspect fell outside the home to a gunshot wound to his head, while the other men leapt inside the family’s silver Toyota Sienna minivan (Texas license plate DGL-3948) which the father had been driving, and fled the crime scene.

Aryeh Ohayon, the family’s neighbor and a military veteran, said,

“It looked like he (the suspect) turned to confront him (the son), and then he was shot.”

Ohayon then said he tried to help the fatally wounded man,

“I just tried to do CPR on the gentleman who was laying on the ground, he was in trouble,” he said with a shrug when asked.

Police say that none of the 6 family members were seriously injured in the event, however the father was taken to the hospital for “medical issues” presumably from being pistol whipped when first ambushed.

It is unclear if the fatally wounded suspect fired any shots, reports are conflicting at this time with some news outlets reporting a gun battle while others do not. However, HPD confirmed that that the suspect killed outside the Huston home was carrying a gun at the time of the shooting.

HPD officers were unable to track down the criminals who fled in the home owners minivan and ask anyone who has seen the missing vehicle, or with any other information, to call the police.

Law enforcement officials say the trio of criminals appeared to be trying to steal a white Mercedes sedan at the residence, but there doesn’t appear to be any other connection between the suspect and the family. Detectives are reportedly combing through the desired car for clues about the remaining suspects at large.

LE officials also said the case has been referred to a Harris County grand jury for review.

Such a traumatic event like this which involved a full 6 members of a family is made worse by the obligatory legal formalities afterwards.

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What do you think about how the family handled the situation? What would you have done? Leave a comment below to let me know.


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