El Paso Home Invader Humbled by Armed Resident

El Paso Texas DGUAn El Paso resident was forced to defend his home against an invader in the early morning hours of March 23rd. Thankfully he was armed at the time.

This incident occurred at a house in the 4500 block of Britton Avenue near Sunrise Centre in Northeast El Paso and saw a homeowner, whose name has not been released to the public at this time forced to take on a 28-year-old man who allegedly attempted to force his way into the man’s home at 5:45 AM last Friday, the 23rd of March.

According to police reports, the ordeal began when the home invader was allegedly trying to break into the house. This roused the homeowner’s suspicion and caused him to walk outside to confront whoever was making the noise.

The intruder, upon being met by the homeowner picked up an item that was claimed by police in their reports was a weapon and proceeded to charge at the resident. The homeowner then ran back into his home where he was followed by the invader who charged into the man’s home and at the homeowner himself.

At this point, the homeowner could see that this situation was quite serious so he grabbed his personal handgun and fired a round at the criminal, striking him and causing the invader to flee the scene.

After the police arrived a few minutes later they completed a short search of the area where they found and captured the wounded criminal.

The criminal was taken to University Medical Center of El Paso for treatment but is expected to survive the ordeal and see out his prison time coming to him for burglary of a habitation.

As for the homeowner, he is currently in good health and it is unlikely he will be facing any charges for his actions.

What do you think of this story? Do you feel you are adequately trained to handle a situation like this? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Tim Smith on April 1, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    No, I’d say he was not adequately trained to andle this situation.

    * I would have had at least a 300 lumon flash light with which to temperaly blind his invader so I could escape and call the police
    * I would have had a weapon (gun) on my person at level 1
    * I don’t believe I would been justified shooting the intruder on my front pourch; however when the intruder charged me with a “weapon” all bets would have been off.

    The above opinion is worth of course just what you paid for it.

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