San Antonio Security Guard Forced to Shoot Crazed Bar Goer Following Car Attack

San Antonio Texas DGU

Story Updated 2/7/2018

Security guards are often looked down on in law enforcement because they are not seen as “real cops”. Well an incident in San Antonio may have changed the way some people see security guards because without their quick thinking a crazy bar fight may have turned into a bloodbath.

This incident occurred at Bar 23, a club located at the 4400 block of Walzem Road in San Antonio at around 2:00 in the morning on Monday. Perhaps people were still on about the Super Bowl, perhaps it was a normal night out that went wrong, but what we for sure know is that around that time an altercation broke out that quickly escalated to a full on battle royal in the parking lot of Bar 23.

Therein the parking lot, a woman who was involved in the fight got into her car and turned things up to 11 when she began to use it as a weapon in the scrum. Her target for her vehicular assault? A security guard who was attempting to sort everything out.

When the guard saw that he was about to be run down by this woman he knew that his life was in danger and did what he had to do in pulling out his sidearm and firing at the car, no doubt hoping that the driver would see reason and pull away. Unfortunately that did not happen and it took a fatal neck shot from the security guard to shut down the attack.

Following the security guard’s shots, it is reported that another shot rang out from a car that sped away from the scene while still ANOTHER unknown shot grazed a young man sitting at a nearby Chevron station.

After authorities reached the scene they attempted to get the woman who was shot behind the wheel of her car to the hospital but was pronounced dead at University Hospital.

As for the grazed man, he is expected to make a full recovery.

And the security guard? There are no reports of him being taken into custody for his shooting and no word from local police that he will be charged for his actions in the fight.

So my question then is to all of you. What do you think of the security guard’s actions in this? Do you think he helped the situation by shooting the woman attempting to run him over or would you call his actions a negligent discharge due to the other shots fired following his? Let us know in the comments below.

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