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Austin Concealed Carrier Forced to Defend Himself From Man Who Fired At Him

Austin Texas DGU

Austin is painted as a very hippie college town where free love and social science degrees are available like hot cakes. However, just as any other town in Texas can tell you, there is no amount of hand-holding and kumbaya singing that can stop criminals from committing a crime. Luckily one person in Austin was aware of that and unluckily for an Austin criminal, the two were about to meet.

This incident occurred on the evening of Saturday, January 27th at around 5:00 PM in the parking lot the Arbors of Austin apartment complex at 1070 Mearns Meadow Blvd. Things started to get messy when a man whose name has not yet been released pulled into the parking lot. Upon parking, he saw a car filled with people who were yelling at him. The man in the car ignored this, however, simply wanting to get along with his day.

It was when the man got out of his car though, that he knew there would be a confrontation. The car filled with men, including one Darwin Jimenez, 21 actually started moving and pulled up to the lone man. At this point, the car filled with people all started yelling at the lone man, according to police, regarding the method that the man drove through the parking lot.

This incident could have ended with a few choice words, but Jimenez assured that would not happen when he suddenly exited the car with another person and Jimenez began shooting at the lone man.

Now thankfully for said lone man, he happened to be a concealed carrier and while he wasn’t carrying at the time┬áJimenez began shooting, the lone man’s gun was just inside his car. So the lone man dove for his gun and out of the way of the oncoming rounds.

Upon grabbing his firearm, the lone man returned fire on Jimenez and struck true.

Soon after the incident authorities were on the scene where they attempted to revive Jimenez but it was too late. A terrible price to pay for anyone but proof that you should not go looking for a fight because you never know just how well armed or well trained that lone man may be.

What do you think of this story? Are you prepared to defend yourself if an incident occurred at or around your car? Let us know in the comments below.


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