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Texas EMT’s May Soon Be Able to Carry Concealed on Duty

Texas EMT’s may soon be able to pack more than just medical supplies in their ambulances if one state lawmaker gets his way. State Representative John Wray of Waxahachie has introduced a bill that would let all first responders in Texas carry guns on their shifts.

The Republican lawmaker says policies vary from department-to-department when it comes proper procedure to ensure that crime, fire or crash scenes are secure. He says it’s also impossible to predict what could happen at any given time.

“In the less urban areas… you increase the likelihood that the first responders on the scene will be non-peace officers — such as fire and EMS.”

Wray said he certainly isn’t trying to increase the duties of first responders but is focusing on their safety. “Firefighters and EMS do not need to perform a peace officer role, but they certainty have the right to protect themselves,” he said.


According to Wray, first responders currently run the risk of being delayed because they have to remove the firearm, that they’re versed at using, and store it in their vehicle. “Folks who have a license to carry are knowledgeable about the weapon that they’re carrying and keeping it secure.”

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