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Delivery Driver with Concealed Carry Permit Foils North Lubbock Robbery

Photo courtesy of KCBD-TV

Photo courtesy of KCBD-TV

At La Super Carniceria in North Lubbock this past Tuesday, August 9th; police were called to a scene in which a person had been shot in the back of a delivery truck in the store’s parking lot.

As police looked into the scene, they saw that the person in the back of the delivery truck was still alive and injured, after having been shot through the leg. Interviews with an unnamed store employee told the story of the strange scene. According to the source, the delivery truck and driver were bringing fresh bread to the store, and in the process of moving the items inside, the driver had left his truck open and unattended. During this time, a man in a black car pulled up, got out, and began grabbing merchandise out of the truck’s delivery load. During one of these trips, the robber was met by the delivery truck driver, who was frightened to see the assailant begin reaching into his pocket, seemingly to indicate that he had a weapon.

Now, this is a terrifying spot for anybody, and in a situation such as this, you have but a few seconds to react. Thankfully for this driver, he knew just what to do. The driver had a concealed carry permit and was indeed carrying that day, and in a microsecond of time, the driver pulled out his firearm, aimed to wound and fired at the assailant, as mentioned before, hitting the man in the leg.

The police recovered the stolen items from the truck and as for the suspect, he was sent to the hospital for his injuries and has since been released, with charges in the process of being filed.

In the aftermath it was also found out that the attempted robber was a former employee of La Super Carniceria.

As for the driver, no charges have been filed as he was well within his legal rights as a certified concealed carry permit holder to do what he needed to to protect himself from imminent danger.

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