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Texas Attorney General set to sue Austin over Concealed Carry Rights

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In Austin, this week, Ken Paxton, Texas’ attorney general decided to file a suit against the city, claiming that the state capitol building has broken Texas’ concealed carry state law, by banning guns from inside the city hall.

Paxton claims that the city hall is violating a law that was approved last year for Texans to openly carry handguns. The defense of the ban from city hall, is that the building is exempt due to the law’s “government court” exception, which prohibits them “on the premises of any government court or offices utilized by the court,” unless a written regulation or the individual court authorizes it.

Paxton, however argues in the lawsuit, that Austin City Hall does not qualify for the exemption, as it is not utilized by the courts, and shouldn’t be posting signs banning licensed carriers from carrying in the building or on the premises.

“I will always make sure that governments do not trample on the Second Amendment rights of Texans, and if they do, we will sue,” Paxton said, during a statement.

The city of Austin, replied, however, that it is prepared for the fight.

“The City’s position has remained consistent. It is a criminal offense under Texas law to possess or carry a handgun on the premises of a government court or offices used by the court,” a city spokesperson said. “Because the City of Austin Municipal Court conducts court proceedings in the Austin City Hall building and maintains office space for court personnel we believe state law prohibits possessing or carrying a weapon in City Hall (except by law enforcement personnel). We are prepared to defend this lawsuit and look forward to having this matter resolved by a court.”

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