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Concealed Carry Handgun Owner Prevents Armed Robbery at Waffle House

waffle house texas shooting license to carry

On July 7th, at 2:30 a.m. the late night customers and employees of a DeSoto, TX Waffle House were shocked out of their meals by an attempted armed robbery, by an AK-47 armed assailant.

The scene was certainly that of fear, as the later identified 26-year-old Antoine Devon Cooper, threatening to fire his AK-47 at the slightest hint of any resistance, made his way through the restaurant, grabbing the patrons goods, as well as the register, before making his way to the restaurant parking lot. He was attempting to make his getaway by stealing an innocent consumer or employee’s car. However, Antoine would not make it to the would be getaway car, as he was not the only one armed that evening.

As Antoine attempted to escape, a brave customer, with his concealed carry handgun now in hand, followed him to the parking lot and fired several rounds at Antoine. The heroic customer, citing fear for his and his wife’s safety, who was about to meet him at the Waffle House restaurant, first called out to Antoine, which was met by Antoine’s attention. He then fired several rounds at the still armed robber, who was pointing his AK-47 at the unnamed customer, striking Antoine several times, in the process.

As the DeSoto police showed up on the scene, they witnessed Antoine lying on the ground, pacified. The officers immediately called for an ambulance to take the would be robber to the nearest hospital, where he would lay for several days, nursing his wounds, even being on life support for a time, but as of the writing of this article, he is expected to make a recovery.

As for our concealed carry handgun hero, the officers verified that he did indeed have his Texas Handgun License to Carry permit holder. Previously known as “Concealed Handgun License,” which, under Texas law, allows citizens to carry concealed weapon. They also confirmed that the Waffle House customer will not be arrested, nor face any charges for discharging his firearm.

I suppose we can chalk this up as yet another talking point in the ongoing gun safety debate in our country, as an incident in which a sensible, well informed, law-abiding, armed citizen defended a group of innocent bystanders with his well taught and well trained knowledge of firearms.

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