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Texas Now Has 1 Million Licensed Gun Carriers

In the first part of 2016 Texas hit a landmark in the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms. Now over 1 million citizens have a license to carry (ltc) in Texas. This LTC allows the citizen to carry a handgun either open or concealed in allowed places.

According to state numbers, Harris County boasts the largest number of licensed carriers, with 139,563.

A report published in May by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows 1,017,618 active carry licenses as of April 30. That compares to 937,419 at the end of December 2015.

Since not all states publish a public report with similar numbers there is no way of knowing in many states how many people have a concealed carry or other type of firearm related license. What is clear is that Texas and Florida are likely leading the country in the number of permit holders.

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