Quiet Night At Home With Your Wife and Friends Until This Guy Comes In the Back Door

intruder shot in floridaLast month a man in St Cloud Florida was sitting in his living room with his wife and a friend after nine in the evening when he heard what sounded like someone coming into the back of the home. He retrieved his firearm before going to see what the noise was about and its a good thing he did. When he got there the suspect was trying to get into the house through a door. When the homeowner asked him to leave the suspect lunged at him.

Do you train with your family for this situations? Do you have an action plan for unlaw entries at different points in the home? If you don’t you need to work on it.

The homeowner shot the intruder once and then when the intruder jumped onto him and pushed him onto a table he fired again. The intruder went to the hospital but didn’t survive his crime this time.


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