Share With America Which Local Businesses Don’t Support Guns

In early 2015 USA Firearm Training announced that we would be adding a new section to our popular gun business directory to highlight local businesses that prohibit firearms. This information serves to help gun owners and concealed carry holders that carry everyday.

The content in the business directory is generated by readers, students, and others just like you. In total there are over 70,000 businesses but in the category of “Gun Free Zones” there are relatively few. For those of you who are reading this and have been carrying concealed for several years we would like to make this formal request that you visit the directory and submit to that section any businesses that prohibit firearms in their locations. There is no cost associated with adding any type of business to our directory and we are confident that your contribution will be of value to future users!

How to Add A “No Gun Zone” Business to the Directory

First, login to your USA Firearm Training user account on our website. If you don’t already have a free account click on the link in the menu to register. Once you are logged in click on Directory.

Then, click on the option to Add a Gun Free Zone (see images 1 & 2)

add gun free zone to list

Image 1: Adding a Gun Free Zone from your Desktop Computer

Image 2: Adding a Gun Free Zone from your phone

Image 2: Adding a Gun Free Zone from your phone

You can also easily add a business from your mobile phone. Just visit our website, use the menu to find the directory and then click/tap on “Add Gun Free Zone”

At this point you will be prompted to fill in some details about the business like their name, address, etc. If you don’t know their exact address you can easily search by typing in their name and the city and it will find search results for you to choose from.

Where possible please include in the description some information about how you know they restrict firearms. Is it on their website, do they have a sign posted at an entrance?

If there is a sign, where possible please take a picture and include that when adding the business.

There is absolutely ZERO cost to add businesses to the directory. If you run into any technical issues at all please don’t hesitate to contact us with the information so we can help.

Thanks in advance for your support in making our community stronger and better informed!

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