Five Most Popular Gun Articles From the First Half of 2015

The first half of 2015 is over and we’ve had a great amount of quality content published on our website. Today we dug through the data and are pleased to announce the five most popular articles we published in the first half of the year. Below is a disclaimer about how we arrived at the data.

Number 5: Dynamic CCW Permit Reciprocity Map Generator

This article focused on the launch of our new map builder tool that allows you to input what state permit(s) you have and it will automatically push out your current map of what states honor your unique combination of permits. Apparently there is a lot of need in the firearm community to have a resource to know where one’s permit is honored.


Number 4: Difficulty Concealing The Firearm

In the first half of the year we published a series of 8 articles addressing the most common reasons people give for not carrying their concealed firearm. This was the most popular of those eight articles. It would seem that a lot of people have an issue truly concealing their firearm.

difficulty concealing

Number 3: How to Avoid Retail Stores for Guns and Ammunition

We took some heat on this from people who think we should be promoting the patronage of small local businesses, which we need to address in an upcoming article. That said, there must be some need from our readers on understanding how and where to buy guns and ammunition online since this was the third most viewed article so far this year.

buy guns online

Number 2: 10 Things That Will Stop a Bullet and 25 Things That Won’t

There are a lot of rumors and ignorance out there when it comes to recognizing the things that will or won’t stop a bullet in it’s tracks. This article focused in on how few things that you can reliably count on to stop the bullet.

Stopping power balistics gel

Number 1 Most Popular Article: Ohio Now Recognizes Valid Permits From All States

It would seem that people REALLY care about where they can legally carry their concealed firearm when they travel and Ohio made the biggest headlines so far this year by honoring ALL valid permits from ALL US states. Yeah, its a big deal.



Disclaimers on the List:

-This doesn’t represent the most popular pages visited on our site… just the most popular articles

-Popularity in this case is being determined by number of page views or times that article was loaded

-This is looking only at the views of these articles on our national ( website. Each of our articles are also published on our individual state websites but those views are not factored into this ranking.


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